Eyewitness Gives Quote Of The Century About Student Hit By Car On UL Lafayette Campus

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Nice Move


I’ve never been hit by a car, but it doesn’t sound like a good time. The scrapes, the blood, the having to pick chunks of gravel out of your calves… I have no aspirations to be on the receiving end of a bumper slam – unless there’s an incentive. There’s a rumor at my alma mater that if one of the university-run buses hits you, you get free tuition. Was pretty tempted to try it out, but never built up the courage. Classic Jared being a puss. I do have a friend who ended up getting nailed by the bus – got sent rolling down the street and everything – and she didn’t even contact the university to find out if the rumor was true. I lost one friend that day. She lived, or whatever – I just couldn’t hang out with someone with such little regard for getting to the bottom of a campus-wide rumor.

A female student was recently hit by a car on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus. Another UL Lafayette student, Nigel Thomas, saw the whole thing go down. His quotes are straight fire.

From The Vermilion:

“I was sitting outside smoking a philly, and you know, I turned my head slightly, and I saw this girl being bombarded by a huge black jeep … I was like ‘oh s***’,” said UL Lafayette student Nigel Thomas, who said he witnessed the incident.

Thomas took a photo to share on social media, but reconsidered posting.

“I wanted to put it on my Snapchat, but then I was like ‘you know what; I don’t wanna put this on my story. It’s kinda messed up and she did not appear to be alive … she wasn’t moving,” he said.

That didn’t stop him from sending the photo to the student newspaper, though, where you can view it here.

Oh s***!

[via The Vermilion]

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