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Nice Move

Ten real submissions, ten photos, and two videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Posting an ad on craigslist: “5 frat guys looking for a gangbang.” Getting 10 responses and sharing the hottest with your bros. TFM.

Those responses are all from obese 30-year-old chronic masturbators.

Frat in the morning, frat at night, frat with iguanas, and frat with your wife. TFM.

Really wanted to post this on the front page and see if one of you would burn down a building.

8==D NF. 8======D TFM. 8=D TFTC.

8===D~~~O: TSM. 8===D~~~(.)(.) RFM.

I’m pre-law. I don’t give a fuck about Brett Farve, Michael Vick, Tim Teabow, or anything they’ve ever done (that doesn’t mean I don’t care about football) but it’s people like me that keep them out of deep ass shit. TFM.

You are the opposite of a cool badass.

After 20 years of marriage with my wife, I found out she was a GDI…so I fucking divorced her! TFM.

After 20 years of marriage: “So, honey, I never asked, but were you in a sorority? What? WHAT?! You’ll be hearing from my attorney, GDI whore.”

Send dick pics to my buddy ***-240-6857. Got his ass. TFM.

This is wrong, just wrong. I can’t make myself post the area code.

Calling in fat to work. TFM.

You are the reason for the recession.

Being so secure about your frattiness that you can pull off a GAP/American Eagle combo outfit. TFM.

If you can’t mix in Hot Topic then you’re not secure enough.

3 things I don’t know: life in the poorhouse, hitting out of the bunker, and taking it from behind. TFM.

Wow. Those are all over the place.

TFM Frat Rap (read while waving hand slowly left and right): I read TFM errrday, cause all I do is shout U-S-A! Errbody knows that cargos ain’t frat, just like dat hippie and his backwards fuckin hat! 2Ironking and Cupid make bros chuckle, when really what they do is make the boys fuckle! TFM.

Someone kick the chair out from under me.

Brothers helping brothers.

I would give my left nut to see Tony Montana come to life, jump through that poster, and bust a cap in this cockroach.

I guarantee the guy on the right ends up taking a seat across from Chris Hansen at some point.

Close your legs, you slut.

All those pockets couldn’t contain their excitement.

This is what rock bottom looks like.

LOL girl poses.

“That’s a huge dick.” -what she said

No words.

Unisex bathrooms. TFM.

Support Youth AIDS and Sig Ep:

Possibly the worst party ever:

Kate Upton chaser to wash away the bad:

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