FAIL FRIDAY: Evaluation Day

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Nice Move

Ten real submissions, nine photos, and two videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Getting your haircut at Cost Cutter’s and rubbing out a load under the hair-bib without the stylist knowing. TFTC.

You’re a sex offender.

Unemployed but still dressing as well a Fortune 500 Exec. TFM.

Fake it till you make it, bra.

My browser automatically types in a porn site no matter what letter I push. TFM.

Someone in comments needs to name a porn site for each letter of the alphabet.

Told my grandpa I had a new slam. His advice? “Pee in her butt then kick her in the gut, prove that girls do poop. Then give her a rimjob and taste that sweet, sweet lemonade.” TFM.
-DeVry University

I wish this was real. That old man would be fucking hysterical to hang out with.

I went to TFM Day Rage a few months ago and I’ve been shitting blood ever since. I don’t think it’s related but I thought you guys should know. TFM.

Don’t worry about it, I have been too.

Waking up to police kicking in the door of my bathroom stall. Got arrested for shoplifting and public intoxication. I wasn’t drunk in public. I wasn’t drunk in public, I was drunk in the john. Still not sure what I was stealing. TFM.

Who are you trying to convince? Get your shit together.

Going to Old Navy to buy cargo shorts. TGDIM. Going to old navy to buy cargo shorts and then set them on fire. TFM.

You need a fucking hobby.

Having a 6 inch lift on my truck and helping my girlfriend in only to take a gander at her cooch. TFM.

You and I would not get along, shit kicker.

Two chicks at the same time, man. TFM.
-New Jersey

That’s it? You can’t just pick funny lines from whatever movie you’re watching and submit them as TFM’s.

TFM rap (with multi-syllabe rhyming): “Total Frat Move, khakis and a bow tie I’m that smooth, my bank account makes your dad move, cause I buy his company with a fat splooge, of money, as I slam your slam like it’s funny, got her on all fours so much she has a bum knee.” TFM.

Pass the fucking mic.

Drowning your girlfriend and using her corpse as a floating table. TFM.

Someone find Grady’s criminal record.

This is the happiest he’s ever been.

I’d hit it. Wait…would I?

Golfing in a graveyard. TFTC.

Get crunk!

Those asses are ample.

Someone make the pledges chase that squirrel out of his hair and shampoo his face.

It’s poop again!

“Twist and Shout” cover from Joe and Bobby:

Joe, you have absolute shit for rhythm. Bobby carried the performance. Pathetic.

“Rob the Panda” says frat life is the only life:

…but he’s not actually in a fraternity yet

Hula hoop chaser:

Attention campers! This concludes evaluation day. The key word here is “value.” Do you have any? Not yet, but if you missed last week’s Fail Friday, CLICK HERE. Also be sure to check out TFM Sweetheart of the Week, Megan Hevner.



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  1. 3
    SEC Gameday Drunk

    rob as shitty as the undertaker was he goes to Mich. which don’t get me wrong is filled with trash but is still prob better that whatever fucking community college you attend. your appearance alone make me want to backhand you sorry little sack of shit

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago
  2. 1

    N: NeverGrowingUp/
    P: PeeInDatButt.Gov
    S: SuckMyD/
    V: VaginasShavenWithVenusRazors.adv
    W: Wild&

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago
  3. 1
    Brose Cuervo

    Man if Rob Panda didn’t get me with his great insight and telling me that he’s going “DTD–Drunk to Death…that’s how we roll”, that emoticon at the end asking me to subscribe really did it. Well done Rob. Consider yourself subscribed to.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago

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