FAIL FRIDAY: February Failure

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Nice Move

Ten real submissions, 19 photos, and three videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Surprising your parents with an unannounced visit back home and walking in on your dad doing the maid from behind. Dude’s still got it. TFM.
–New York

It will take years of expensive therapy to correct that experience.

When the slam is so ugly you have to put a black trash bag over her face so you can finish, then being overjoyed when you realize it won’t be awkward cause you’ll never have to text her again cause she’s dead. TFM.

Shit just got real.

Going to Bat Mitzvah’s every weekend to try to slam elderly Jewish women because they give the best head. TFM.

Mazel, mazel. Good things.

Donated my pubes to locks of love. TFM.

The minimum donation is 10-inches of hair, just for the record.

Whiskey dick helping me avoid gaining herpes. TFM.

Whiskey Dick: The anti-STD.

“Just flew in…AND BOY ARE MY ARMS TIRED.” tfm.

Bravo. What an incredible lowercase TFM effort.

Can’t wait for this weekend to stick my FratCock in some SratVag. #TFM #FRAAAT
–ITT Tech

ITT Tech: Education for the future.

Farting on a slamming, then telling her, “See? Chivalry isn’t dead.” TFM.
–South Carolina

Pretty sure that’s a move from The Gentleman’s Handbook.

Wearing searsuckers, polo, and a sweater vest while playing Xbox Kinect golf when it’s 10 degrees out. TFM.

You sir, are a huge loser.

Ever so deftly collecting sweat from my slampiece’s intergluteal cleft to bottle and sell online. TFM.

That’s totally normal behavior.

Don’t haze me bro.

Whoops. TFM.

Every now and then you’ve got to yack out of a tree.

Sweet Jesus, look at that ‘stache.

I get the feeling that seconds later this little girl took a fork to the eyeball.

It’s Fratwinkle.

I always pull my pants down before taking a seat.

Biker gang frat tat?

Some guys just don’t know when to quit.

She must work out.

This will probably prove ineffective.

“Above the Influence” symbol tattoo is an all-time worst.


WARNING: Camo hoodie does not prevent projectile vomiting.

What’s the theme of this party?

Deep squats. TFM.

He’s got nuts on his face.

I think he’s moving too fast for her.

He pooped his soul out.

God Bless Camera Phones:

God DAMN Regular Cameras:

Stair Luge Backflip:

Chaser to wash the bad away:

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    Franklin H Brobey

    Every time our letters are on Fail Friday, Ditka kills an orphan. And I don’t mean an African one on a commercial. I mean a full blooded American one. Let that be on your heads.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago

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