FAIL FRIDAY: Keeping It In The Family

Ten real submissions, ten photos, and two videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

You and your boy giggling as you order ‘double meat’ from the semi attractive Latina girl at Chipotle so she knows what you guys are about. TFM

“Oh damn, double meat? It’s obvious what these guys are about.” – the semi-attractive Latina girl working at Chipotle

Telling the cop you don’t have your permit to carry your cannon of a frock with you while getting arrested. TFM.

Should have just kept your frock cannon concealed and your mouth shut.

Still mackin on your girl even after she sucks off your dads hammer dick. TFTC TFM

Keeping it in the family is frat.

Respectfully sucking on her tits. TFM

Chivalry is still alive and well.

Being in your early twenties and being fat, having type 2 diabetes, and having children of your own. TFM.

Get it the fuck together, man.

Eating chicken wings 2 at a time because of my 2 finger rule. TFM.

Makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

When your buddy was a virgin till he got to OU, went a week in then slammed his first sausage wallet and went on to slay the dragon in his first semester #TFM

Slamming sausage wallets. RFM.

Your slam pieces clit being bigger than your frock. #cocaine

Either your slam has a monster clit or you have the smallest frock in the world.

Getting a hard on dancing with a girl at a concert in another state and realizing it was your cousin mid otp pussy rub but keep on going till the end of the song. TFM.

What is wrong with you?

My mom told me she used to be a cheerleader. Took that bitch to town that night in her old outfit while she did her old cheer. “Raw, raw, shish-coom bah!” TFM

Never change.

Really? That's the face you settled on?

Really? That’s the face you settled on?

"Oh damn, this is where they sell Sperrys."

“Oh damn, this is where they sell Sperrys.”



It's like some of you are trying to make Fail Friday.

It’s like some of you are trying to make Fail Friday.

He's milking him.

He’s milking him.

And everyone got pregnant within a 5-mile radius.

And everyone got pregnant within a 5-mile radius.

Man down.

Man down.

Would make a great chalk outline.

Would make a great chalk outline.

You're doing too much.

You’re doing too much.

Frackwards hats and frandals.

Frackwards hats and frandals.

Girls Love Dad Bods


Taylor Swift BAD BLOOD Parody – Dad Bods


CHASER: Unbelievable Pool Party by NEwhere Hookah Pen


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