FAIL FRIDAY: New Year, More Failure

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Nice Move

Ten real submissions, 20 photos, and three videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Fingering your cousin and finding your grandpa’s wedding ring. TFM.

I’d like to thank the state of Alabama for starting the year 2013 on the wrong foot.

Having a registered sex offender living in the frat castle. TFM.

It’s not a good thing when your house shows up as a red dot on the sex offender map.

Taking your puppies to the dog park before their balls get cut off so they can pound whores. TFM.

What a loving owner you are.

“Oh no officer, that’s pre-workout on my dash, not coke.” TSwoleAsFuckM.

Getting jacked in 2013? Cop’s gotta respect that.

Shotgunning a beer at the front of the chapel instead of drinking the communal wine during Christmas Eve mass. TFM.

If someone actually did this, and video footage existed, it would be the greatest thing ever.

Submitting so many TFM’S you could’nt begin to count them. Not one of them get’s posted and you STILL do’nt give a fuck. TFM.

They probably don’t get posted because you don’t know how to use a goddamn apostrophe.

Cutting your finger-nails before going out, cause you know you’re gonna get massive poon-tang. TFM.

That’s just common courtesy.

Subconsciously thinking “frat” when feeling FaF. TFM.

The fuck is wrong with you, son?

Throwing a coozie on the spitter. TFM.
-New York

Wouldn’t want your nicotine-laced saliva to get warm.

Getting “Holy shit where’s a pledge I think my dick is dying dude what happened I was fucking this slam when I accidently hit my dick with a champagne bottle and fell down” drunk. TFM.

New year, same idiots.

GDI Panda.

Sweet ride, bro.

Showering with multiple kegs. TFM.

These kids are too far gone to make fun of.

2 Chainz!

That’s an artsy subway shot.

Hell yeah fucking right.

I wish I could click that thumbs up button so badly.

Blackface is really racially insensitive, kid.

Merry Christmas from a PIKE hybrid of Paul Bunyan and Carrot Top.

It’s casual.

Double cargos.

“Shaving your letters into your head” is 2013’s “Polo horse chest tattoo.”

Pledge Michael Phelps owned that fucking costume.

That’s a shameful way to pass out.

Looks like a solid purchase.

Selfies in the house just aren’t the same.

Now that’s an award to be proud of.

Personification of the word “badass.”

Thank God Christmas is over.

Freshman’s first beer bong:

Good job, good effort.

Beer pong table feels the cold sting of death:

Girls with too much time on their hands have silly fun:

Chaser to wash away the bad:

Two chapters from the TOTAL FRAT MOVE book are online NOW, read them HERE.



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