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Nice Move

Five real submissions, and one video, that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

I’m a host at Chili’s. I was fired today because I gave my brothers unauthorized discounts on queso. TFM.

No wonder you got a bid. Wow. “This mother fucker is a host at Chili’s? BID! BID! BID!” That’s how your bottom-tier bid night went.

New chapter sweetheart works at the strip club. Looks like we’re never paying cover again. TFM.

Wait, what?

I never brush my teeth Thursday’s through Sunday’s. TFM.

I bet you have to beat sorosties off with a stick. You dog, you.

Went on a shopping spree at the Polo outlet. 40% off oxfords. Frat gold mine. TFM.

Clearly, this guy is old money.

Getting iced by your mom at a Robert Earl Keen concert. TFM.


Don’t let this video ruin your weekend:


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