FAIL FRIDAY: Romance And Lust

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Nice Move

Ten real submissions, 20 photos, and two videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

So I’m studying abroad in Paris, right? Yeah, I shotgunned in front of the Eiffel tower. Twas frat. So I see some punk wearing my letters. I went over to him and said, “Yo, dude. Who do you know here?” It brought back the memories of me kicking randos out of the frat. Be home soon, America. TFM.

This guy should be our ambassador to France.

Having three slams for 11 years, not letting them leave your home, and telling them what to eat. TArielFratstroM.

Somebody let Ariel Castro know he has been referred to as Ariel Fratstro on this highly disturbing website.

Ending a presentation by saying, “And I end this Powerpoint, with a powerpoint,” then proceeding to point at everyone in the class as you silently walk back to your seat. TFM.

My guess is you got an “F” on that presentation. You know what that stands for?

When you’re sliding into third and you feel a big turd, fratarrhea. TFM.

Thanks for that.

Peeing sitting down and shitting standing up. TFM.
-North Carolina

Being a non-conformist is the opposite of frat, you rebellious hipster scum.

Subconsciously measuring your bros wangs based on their shoe sizes. TFM.

If you don’t check out your bros’ wangs, who will?

Letting one go as you max out on that last rep with your bros. TFartMove.

I’m assuming, just from this one TFM submission, that you do not have the IQ of a genius.

My cat only eating Fancy Feast. TFM.

We don’t even feed our pledges Fancy Feast. That cat in the hat is frat.

Buddy: “She likes it ruff and nasty.” Me: “Lemme guess, she had daddy issues.” Buddy: “Yea, how did you know?” Me: “Sounds like my slampiece 1 and 2.″ TFM.

Riveting conversation.

I fucked Dorn’s mom, if that’s not a fucking TFM the intern can blow my ass hole with a dishwasher. I bet none of you homely pukes has ever finger blasted her, let alone put the P in the V (or B for that matter.) TFM.

Totally inappropriate.

Most romantic possible ending to a night, if you ask me.

He’s got lust in his eyes.

A gang of goobers.


That’s just awful.

That is a serious disaster.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 1.00.32 PM
Cute couple.

Recruiting the homeless. TFM.

One of these does not have a soul like the others, and it ain’t the duck.

Sober as a priest.

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    • 4

      I kinda feel bad about the one making fun of the ginger though. One of their bros had cancer, and they carried his ass around the track at relay on the first lap… I still laughed, but its the thought that counts right?

      ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago
    • -4

      On that note, Congratz to Phi Delta Theta Oregon Alpha this is the first time I’m aware of one chapter has received 2 unrelated fail friday photos in a week. Though you are not IFC recognized it’s nice to see y’all are still trying.

      ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago

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