Fail Friday Videos Start Intense GDI YouTube Beef

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Nice Move

I’m here to catch you all up on the embarrassing “GDI vs. Frat Life” internet saga that has been tearing through the internet.

Some background information is pertinent here. The July 13 edition of Fail Friday debuted a long-haired hippie who went off on a tangent detailing his grievances with fraternity and sorority members. In his near 11-minute video, the Undertakerfreak describes a night ruined, herds of people blocking the road, beer bottles being thrown onto the street, and outdoor urinal and fecal evacuation, all at the hands of “frat boys.” He then describes, in disgusting, unfunny depth, how he’d like to see these people reach their demise – all while using totally unnecessary, wildly complex vocabulary words. With his thesaurus at his side, this unkempt freak made the following video:

For some reason that I’m still trying to make heads or tails of, this angered some Hollister-wearing, tip-frosted kid that goes by RobThePanda (catchy name, right?). In his video entitled, “Frat Life is the Only Life,” he rebuts the Undertaker with 3rd grade logic and fraternity life hyperbole which he has accepted as reality. Here’s the kicker, though: the whole time RobThePanda is describing himself, as he would later reveal that he is not actually a fraternity member: “I love the frat life. Frat life’s amazing. I’m not actually in a fraternity yet because I just started school, so I am actually just rushing right now. Well, I can tell you right now I’m joining a frat. I just don’t know which one yet.” Good luck getting a bid now, RTP.

Then of course the Undertaker had to fire back at the Panda, and he did with a video that left me scratching my head. The needle on the self-respect meter has broken off at this point. Give the webcam a breather, guys. Your next correspondence should occur in person, in a ring, on a canvas surface, with or without boxing gloves.

This thing is like a gruesome car wreck. I’m uneasy and repulsed by what I’m seeing, yet I can’t look away.


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