Fake Photo Of Winning Powerball Ticket Shared Over 400,000 Times On Facebook

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Nice Move

Amateur photoshopper Nolan Daniels posted this photo to his Facebook account Thursday night to reveal just how gullible people on the internet can be. With the caption “Looks like I won’t be going to work EVER!!!! Share this photo and I will give a random person 1 million dollars!” Daniels shocked his (slower-witted) e-friends. The numbers on the ticket do match the winning Powerball numbers, but Powerball tickets list the numbers in numerical order. That’s a key misstep to this equation, but luckily, few people know this.

Shares and comments are piling up as I type this (number of shares just eclipsed 430,000). The first comment out of the gate may be my favorite one, though. The young, naive, and maybe even mentally challenged Devon Woodward set the tone with this gem:

What the fuck do you mean, Devon? Why do you ask stupid questions? He wanted to be a millionaire, man. The comment stupidity peaked way too early, but there are some other solid posts in there. A few commentors did catch onto the prank, though, among them is this Zeta Zasco character:

Hilarious. That Zeta is such a smartass. All the Zeta Zascos I know are such jokesters. His (or her?) comment was a futile attempt to slow down this runaway short bus of internet stupidity.

I just checked my own Facebook feed. My friends are no exception, apparently. Oh, and Devon Woodward is not getting laid tonight.



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