Feel-Good Story Of The Week: ETSU Sigma Chi Builds Wheelchair Ramp For Handicapped Brother

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Nice Move

Feel-Good Story Of The Week- ETSU Sigma Chi Builds Wheelchair Ramp For Handicapped Brother

Greyson Jennings was born with a disease that fused his joints together and has been in a wheelchair his entire life. Jennings is also a fraternity man. He went to East Tennessee State University with the goal to get involved on campus and joined Sigma Chi.

Greyson admitted that he was hesitant at first whether he would fit in, but the brothers welcomed him with open arms.

From WCYB:

“It had me a little nervous but I had a week long to decide if this was for me, and luckily I landed where I was,” Greyson said.

Brandon Johnson was instrumental in Greyson’s membership. In fact, once Greyson joined, Brandon was motivated to build a ramp making the house wheelchair accessible. Greyson even added that Brandon has bigger ambitions by the time he graduates.

“Within his first week of actually being in the fraternity – he said ‘it’s my dream by the time I leave ETSU for every fraternity house to have a ramp’,” Jennings added.

The Sigma Chi house now has that wheelchair ramp – and they’re working on making more changes.

Good stuff, but his next quote really hit the nail on the head:

“Fraternities across the board are more interested in what kind of person and what kind of man you want to be – than your current state,” Jennings said.

Bingo. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

It’s refreshing to see feel good stories about fraternity life for a change.

[via WCYB]


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