Fetty Wap Was Apparently In A Motorcycle Accident Today (Photos)

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Nice Move

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I was running point on our social media platforms for TFM Gameday when I noticed #PrayForFetty starting to trend on twitter. After a few minutes of investigating, it appears that rapper Fetty Wap was involved in a fairly serious motorcycle accident this afternoon in Paterson, New Jersey.

Police say he was clocked going 173.8 mph. Too soon? What? He’s not fucking dead. At least, not yet.

Nothing confirmed on who was responsible for the accident, but I have a slight inclination on who may have been driving the vehicle that struck him.

What’s to say G-Money didn’t try to finish the job he started with his cover of “Trap Queen?”

Or, you know, the whole “lack of depth perception because he only has one eye” thing might have something to do with this fiasco. Fetty should take a page out of the UPS playbook and avoid left turns whenever possible.


Image via Twitter


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