FGCU Girl Creates GoFundMe Page, Raises Money For Kappa Sig Charity In Race To Become Their Sweetheart

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Nice Move

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Take your chocolate chip cookies and shove them up your ass, Jessica. Get outta here with that weak shit. Sydney just raised the bar big time in the race to become Kappa Sigma’s sweetheart at Florida Golf Coast University.

Sydney Buchanan has all the makings of a top tier sweetheart. She’s got the looks, the Lilly, and, most importantly, the drive. According to the GoFundMe page she created, homegirl has raised over $500 for the charities Kappa Sigma supports: the Military Heroes and the Wounded Warriors of South Florida. And she’s not even sweetheart yet! That’s what you call dedication — and a dedicated sweetheart is an important thing to have. You need a girl who will set your brothers up with her friends, cook you shit, and talk to the cops when the house party gets busted (let’s face it, you’re risk manager is face-first in the toilet and cops are always nicer to girls).

Help support our troops (and Sydney) by donating to her GoFundMe page here.

h/t User: aepiakatz


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