Flooding Causes Byron Nelson To Shorten Par 4 14th Hole To 100 Yards, Will Remain Par 4

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Nice Move

Flooding Causes Byron To Play Par-4 14th Hole At 100 Yards, Every Golfer's Dream

Last night, the city of Dallas was hit with nearly seven inches of rain causing the Trinity River to rise 36 feet and cause havoc to roads. The heavy rain also forced some changes at TPC Las Colinas where the Byron Nelson Championship is being played. Officials moved the start times back three hours. Another big change that officials made dealt with the 406-yard par 4 14th.

How awesome is that? Honestly, if you’re a professional golfer and can’t stick it within 10 feet of the pin from a hundo out, your card should be revoked.

No par 4 on the PGA Tour has given up more than 10 eagles in a week since 2010. That is going to be shattered today.

Even I could eagle this hole. I’m not saying I’m a great golfer — could still beat Dorno 3 & 2 though — but I’m a solid wedge player, and anything under 140 is where I make my money.


The Byron officials have decided to just make the hole a par 3 — coincidentally after Gary Woodland thought he just double eagled the hole.

I think they should have just stuck to their guns. No one likes a flip-flopper.

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