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Nice Move


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    It’s probably an unrelated event. You’re not that cool. The ref is probably just crying because he is poor and has to ref Pikes playing grab ass all day to battle his growing debt from student loans.

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    WAYNE: I’m sorry Paul, this is a family matter.

    (Wayne resumes pounding Kevin.)

    (Shot past Wayne of Paul pulling on Wayne’s shoulder.)

    That was my best friend, Paul Pfeiffer. Paul was allergic to everything.

    (Wider shot of all as Paul pulls on Wayne’s shoulder, and Wayne hits Kevin.)

    Wayne used to say he was even allergic to his own snot. Wayne was really a funny guy.

    BRIAN (V/O, yelling): Hey Wayne! Knock it off…

    (Wayne glances over his shoulder.)

    BRIAN (V/O): Before I do the same thing to you!

    (Long shot of Brian getting up from working under his car.)

    (High shot as Wayne gives Kevin a final tap on his shoulder, then stands up.)

    (Closer shot of Brian as he puts a cigarette in his mouth and reaches into his pocket.)

    Winnie’s brother, Brian Cooper.

    (Brian opens his cigarette lighter on his pant leg.)

    He was nineteen and for us, he defined “cool”.

    (Brian lights his cigarette, and puts his ligher back in his pocket.)

    He had this really great…

    (Winnie moves next to him and says something to him.)

    ’59 El Camino – didn’t run of course – but he was always out there workin’ on it…

    (Winnie shades her eyes with her hand as Brian squeezes her neck.)

    Sweaty, grease all over his hands…

    (Winnie says something to Brian.)

    (Close shot of Kevin looking at Brian off-screen.)

    What a guy.

    (Shot of Brian and Winnie as Brian puts his hand on her shoulder and says something to her.)

    That June he got drafted and packed off to Vietnam.

    (Brian looks over his shoulder as he walks toward his car.)

    But his car was still out front, up on blocks…

    (Close shot of Brian leaning against his car and smoking a cigarette.)

    As kind of a reminder of who really ran things on our street.

    Cut to

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