Florida Football Coach Jim McElwain Doesn’t Care To Learn Kickers’ Names

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Nice Move


This is just old school, hard nosed, “grab a player by the face mask”-type coaching by Jim McElwain down at the University of Florida. Last year, when the Gators had a dental student walk on to kick field goals, McElwain never actually learned the poor bastard’s name. He referred to him only as “the dentist.”

McElwain apparently has a history of doing this with his kicking specialists.

From The Coloradoan:

[Hayden Hunt’s] former coach, Jim McElwain, never once addressed him by name, even calling him “punt guy” during their exit interview before Mac took the job at Florida.

Simple and to the point. The kid knows he’s punt guy. The team knows he’s punt guy. There’s no confusion on who punt guy is and it’s just much easier for everyone involved.

That’s the type of meathead mentality you want in your coach, not the guy that gets too cute and fucks around with special teams establishing a first name basis with kickers. Instead, they’re exiled to the island of misfit toys and are only called upon when absolutely necessary. Florida is in good hands.

[via The Coloradoan]

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