Jeb Bush, Victim Of Constant Bullying By Donald Trump, Gets His Hands On A Gun

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Nice Move

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.49.15 PM

Well you did it, Donald. After continually taking his lunch money, ripping his new favorite pair of undies over his head, and stuffing the poor, mild-mannered bastard into a locker every day over the course of the last few months, you have finally broken Jeb.

Easy, Jeb. Let’s talk this out. You don’t want to do this, buddy. It’s just a presidential race. None of these problems really matter. You’ll look back ten years from now and laugh at all this trivial nonsense. I just need you to put the gun down. Think of your family. Poor Barbara would be beside herself. Do you want that? That sweet old woman brought to tears by the actions of her son? Trump is a dick. No doubt about that. But he ain’t worth it, man. None of this is. Just hand over the gun and let’s all go home.


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