Florida State Plans To Bitch Slap “College Gameday” With A Protest

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Nice Move

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“College Gameday” is coming to Tallahassee for a second time this year, Saturday, for the Florida State-Notre Dame top five matchup. Because every Seminole fan has the impression that the media, especially ESPN, is out to get Jameis Winston and FSU in general, students are organizing a protest for Chris Fowler and company.

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I get it, ‘Noles fans–the worldwide leader can be nauseating at times. As much as your boy Danny Kanell fights on your behalf, the simple truth is that ESPN is linked with an entire network for the SEC. Plus, as much as it might hurt your inner being to admit, there’s no better conference in the land, thanks in part to a west division with just a stupid amount of talent.

Ask any Ole Miss fan, though: “Gameday” is not a right. There’s no better way to wake up Saturday morning than by watching Herbie, Corso, Fowler, and the gang do their thing before you head over to tailgate. You assholes have had the privilege of having these gentlemen break it down for five of your games the last two seasons, not including the National Championship, and that’s more than any other school in the country.

Tallanasty, I’ve spent many a drunken night at Potbelly’s and Bullwinkle’s to know you’re just a top-notch university loaded with talent on and off the field. However, your insecurities are more noticeable than Red Lightning bolting down the sidelines. You’re national fucking champions after all–it’s time to start acting like it.

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