Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Bets $3 Million on Michigan +14 Against Bammer

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Nice Move

I agree with the pick, but damn, son.

Incarcerated Bob on Twitter (@incarceratedbob) is the source here. On the surface, he sounds like a guy to be quickly dismissed as a legitimate source (I had never heard of him), so I did some digging around. It turns out the guy is very reputable. He has a long, documented history of calling sports stories before they break. He’s also very attuned to the gambling scene.

Here’s the tweet:

I’ve never been that confident about anything in my life. If someone bet me my life savings the sun wouldn’t rise tomorrow, I’d question the universe and do some background research on him to see who he knows and how he could get his hands on that kind of intel. “Fuck me, man. Maybe the sun is done-zo? Who is this fuckin’ guy?”

On the other hand, no one has ever accused Money May of being a monetary savant. The guy doesn’t even have a checking account. He’s known to carry around millions in cash at all times. I’m beginning to question my pick.


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