Flyers’ Captain Gets Drunk And Grabs Cop’s Ass, Turns Out To Be A Dude

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Nice Move

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Hockey players have always been a little off. Some of them are pretty weird dudes. They can also drink. A lot. When you add alcohol into a man who’s already crazy enough to willingly take a puck to the face as a job, the results can be quite interesting. Eddie Belfour was my favorite–he once offered $1 billion to his arresting officers to let him go. Taking inflation into account, his bribe is worth about $1.3 billion these days. Thanks, Obama.


Philadelphia Flyers’ captain Claude Giroux decided he wanted to get a little weird last night, so he hit the bars for a few drinks. Ottawa was his oyster last night. After having a little too much to drink, Giroux decided it’d be fun to grab a police officer’s ass repeatedly. You’re probably thinking, “Hey, she’s probably been hitting her squats and had a nice, firm butt. I’d do the same!” Well, it turns out that the ass in question belonged to a male officer.

Those few clutches of male ass landed Giroux in prison, which can’t be as bad as the shit he’ll get in opposing arenas next season. I can’t wait to see the signs that the boys in Pittsburgh will come up with.

[via CBS Sports]

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