Former Alabama Football Player Tweets That He Accepted Money In College, Deletes It Moments Later

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Nice Move

So, this happened at 1:03 AM on Tuesday morning:

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 10.06.55 AM

And by about 1:04 AM, poof, it was gone. DJ Fluker’s agent, Deryk Gilmore, quickly came to his defense, saying his account was hacked.

I’m going to operate under the assumption that Fluker’s account actually wasn’t hacked, because, well, it wasn’t. I’m 99% sure. The language in the tweet was just too spot-on. It had too much dumb athlete in it. Too much shitty punctuation. Too much unnecessary shorthand. Too much bad English. Too much Bama.

College athletes take handouts. While a direct NCAA violation, it still happens. I’m not one of those guys that says, “Oh, give me a break. It happens everywhere. Get over it.” It doesn’t happen everywhere. It happens at big time programs to big time players, but no one at Norfolk State is enjoying $100 handshakes and free car rentals. Fluker was an elite prospect at an elite program, and he projects to be drafted very high in the upcoming NFL draft. There’s a more than solid chance he had the opportunity to accept cash.

Does the NCAA respond to this? Not likely. I don’t believe this is enough evidence to justify opening up an investigation. More than anything, it makes Fluker look like an idiot.

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