Former High School Football Player Tries To Relive Glory Days, Sneaks Into Browns’ Facility For Tryout

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Nice Move

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There always comes a time when you must give up on your dream. I realized my baseball days were over when my high school coach insisted that I “find another hobby during baseball season.” Sure, it sucked. What was I going to do about it, though? That’s when I took up drinking as a hobby and beer pong as a sport. They’re year-round activities, so I actually exceeded my coach’s expectations. Fuck that guy.

Anyway, the reason I told you that shitty story was because a former New Mexico high school football player snuck into the Browns’ practice facility yesterday in an attempt to hang out with Manziel and maybe play a little football. The out-of-shape former football player even brought along a backpack full of what we assume was his own football equipment. Some of it probably still bears his high school’s logo. What a chump.

From CBS Sports:

Apparently the guy thought showing up at an NFL team’s facility unannounced, was the best way to get a tryout. The man, a former high school player from New Mexico, made it onto the team’s practice field before being spotted and immediately escorted out of the facility.

The man didn’t get to try out, but it seems he was prepared to. According to, the guy was carrying a ‘very large backpack’ that might have contained his own football equipment.

When a Browns staffer eventually talked to the man, the man explained that he came to Cleveland specifically to try out for the Browns.

Poor guy never did get his tryout.

Go visit the Raiders, bud. You could probably start for that shitshow.

[via CBS Sports]

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