Former Marine Offers 6 Tips For Veterans to Succeed in College

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Nice Move

From the article: “Do things on campus outside of the little veterans’ sphere,” he recommends, such as joining fraternities and sororities that can create a brotherhood or sisterhood. – You guys are always welcome.



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    Rearden Metal

    The hardest part about the transition is dealing with ignorant little liberal jizzrags and their false senses of entitlement and elitism. And their cognitive dissonance. I’m not talking about the one liberal bro in your fraternity, I’m talking about the retard GDI with a streak of pink hair, skinny jeans, and a dick in his mouth.

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  2. -10

    Dealing with the relaxed attitudes was hard for me. When I say be there at 6 and ready to go, people showing at 6:15 or 6:30 pissed me off. It made for some good pledge education, though.

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