Former Ohio State Guard Aaron Craft Had To Dress Like A Bear And Sing “Party In The USA” In Front Of Thousands For His Rookie Hazing

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Nice Move


Some of the best hazing, in my humble opinion, is the kind that makes those who see it laugh and ask, “What? Why?” Dressing up in a bear costume and singing Miley Cyrus’s 2009 hit “Party In The USA” definitely qualifies. It’s got that fantastic, “Eh, fuck you, here, uh, do this. And wear this, because, I don’t know, fuck you again?” quality. Just lazy, flippant planning that shows a total lack of respect, if not outright disdain for the subject. It says, “I don’t even like you enough to care about being a dick to you.”

There’s no way someone as awkward and white as Aaron Craft likes getting up in front of big crowds for anything except playing basketball. The refusal to give Craft a musical accompaniment is especially cruel and hilarious. Well done Golden State.


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