How to get your doctor to prescribe you adderall

Any tips on how to convince your doctor that he should prescribe you adderall? Also, do you guys prefer vyvanse or adderall? I’ve only used adderall, but I’ve heard from some people that vyvanse is even better.

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    First you need to go to the doctor and take a series of tests. Some doctors will prefer you speak to a psychologist before any final diagnosis is made. To avoid dealing with that bullshit, my advice to you is to make sure that on your way to the doctor, you find a tree nearby, and drive as fast as you can squarely into it.

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    It’s pretty easy say you’re tired during the day can’t focus etc. Vyvanse lasts a lot longer, I buy 70s for finals and stay up up until around 4AM, adderol is a shorter but more intensive effect. Vyvanse costs a LOT more as the patent hasn’t expired yet so only one company produces it, to the best of my knowledge.

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    Make sure you go to a Dr. that will prescribe stimulant medication as a standalone treatment. A lot of psychiatrists will want to prescribe tricyclic antidepressants or Straterra first or will want to tack on some kinda of counseling. So basically don’t go to a psychiatrist. Try to see a GP or get a list of doctors that can prescribe it from your health center.

    As for faking symptoms, just go on any of the medication websites like Vyvanse’s and take one of their quizzes. Just change the wording of some of the statements and tell the Dr. that’s what you’ve be experiencing. A lot of doctors will have you take a self-screening test before you actually get to see them so it helps to know what answers you should put. Just don’t go overboard with the self-reporting though. There will be 6-8 subcategories of symptoms in each of the two main categories(inattentiveness and hyperactivity) Pick 2-3 subcategories and go pretty strongly on those(mostly 4’s, a few 5’s, and at most one 3). For the rest of the subcategories just put down 2-4’s with mostly 3’s. I wouldn’t suggest trying to fake any of the hyperactivity symptoms as a lot of people grow out of them by the time they’re our age but feel free to tap your leg subtly during the actual visit. It helps to do some revisionist history and attach some symptoms to real life problems that you’ve had.(“I didn’t get bad grades last quarter because I’m a raging alcoholic, its because I have trouble remembering appointments or managing time or whatever”)

    After you get diagnosed, you still need to do some work to make sure you get the good dosages. My situation might be a little different because my doctor is a close friend of my dad’s but they gave me a couple strengths of an XR(Mine’s Vyvanse) and 20mg IR to start. I got 20’s and 30’s to begin with and was told to increase until I found what strength worked. It’s important to tell him that you worked up to 50mg a day in the first month. Supposedly, tolerance to amphetamines builds linearly in the first month or two and then levels off so if you don’t up your dosage right away you’ll probably be stuck at it.

    Oh and if you can after a while ask your doctor to write you a prescription for triple your daily dosage every 3 months instead. Its cheaper for your parents and since the doctor will forget when he wrote the last one and since the pharmacy systems don’t know that you’re getting 3 months at a time, you can usually get it every 2-2.5 months and sell a shitload more.
    Well there is everything you could ever need to know about amphetamines/faking ADHD. Holy shit.
    This post brought to you by Vyvanse.

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    I don’t know about ya’ll, but I can’t stand to be on the shit every day, I hate taking meds as is. When I talked to my doc, he looked a little thrown off by that even though the specialist that I had gone to for a referral said it was completely normal to just use as-needed. I’m hoping he doesn’t write me a scrip for damn 10mg Concertas or something.

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    Its really easy, go to a psychology, make an appointment to test for add. When he asks if you have a hard time paying attention or studying for a long time say yes. he will give you adderadd and schedule another check up appointment. at the check up tell him it works but wears off to quickly. He will then increase the dosage. Doctors are sorta hesitant to give away medicines whereas psychiatrists do it all the freaking time.

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    Tell your parents that you need to get Vyvanse to help you study. Mention that Harvard students widely use them to give them an edge when studying (true fact). Then go see a psychiatrist with a parent and he’ll speak to both of you individually. Both of you tell him you would like to be prescribed Vyvanse because you have difficulty studying and/or motivating yourself to study. Say you looked into it and think 50-60mgs is the right dosage for you. I’ve been prescribed every single ADHD pill there is since middle school, and Vyvanse is definitely the best, so go with Vyvanse. Adderall did a good job, but it gave me anger issues.

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