Lambda Chi Alpha

Let’s talk about Lambda Chi Alpha chapters. ZAX brothers.

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    broGkush682 said:

    What are some of the best nicknames in your chapters?

    Here is some of our “worst” nicknames:

    Gafami (figure it out)
    Pop A Squat
    Mia Swallows
    Rainbow Sucker
    Deep Throat
    Coke Whore
    Meghan’s Law (look it up, hilarious)
    Devil’s Lawncare

    The list goes on and on…


    ΣΦ 618 “Gafami”

    ^ ThisTake a lapQuote • 3 years ago
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    Im a Lambda Chi at the Delta Phi Zeta at Southeast Missouri State. We’re not the biggest on campus but we do well with awards that the university gives and we also have quite a bit of parties.

    ^ ThisTake a lapQuote • 3 years ago
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    Won’t be attending Leadership this year, but will be at GA next year. Anyone who can attend definitely should. I was on IRT last year, and GA was an absolute blast.


    ^ ThisTake a lapQuote • 3 years ago
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