Fox News Hits Beach To See How Much Normal Women Know About Powerful Female Politicians, Hilarity Ensues

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Nice Move

There’s no shortage of evidence that Americans are highly undereducated when it comes to who’s actually running this country. Sure, most people would probably recognize Obama if they ran into him at Chipotle, and some people might even be able to pick Biden out of a lineup, but past that, it’s a crapshoot. After all, it’s not important that you actually know who these politicians are, or what they look like, as long as you know they’re terrible, and complain loudly and vehemently whenever the opportunity arises.

With the goal of getting a feel for how many normal women recognize the most powerful women in this country, Jesse Watters hit the beach in Seaside, New Jersey for Fox News, and the results are highly entertaining.

Recognizing Nancy Pelosi as Nancy Reagan is fucking hilarious, as is guessing that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a “priestess.” What the shit is a priestess? This isn’t Game of Thrones. You’re better than that.


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