Fraternity Gets Kicked Off Campus Because They Forgot To Post Channel 13 News Memo In Their Facebook Group

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Nice Move


The Tau Nu chapter of Beta Delta at Rocky Creek University has been kicked off campus after Facebook turned legally-gathered evidence of hazing over to authorities. The evidence was acquired from the fraternity’s Facebook page, the contents of which belong to Facebook after the fraternity neglected to copy and past the Channel 13 News memo as a post on their page.

“This is a big win for us,” Dean of Students Kenny Pomegranate told TFM. “We’re lucky this dangerous student group was naïve enough to not copy and paste Channel 13 News’ public service announcement. That mistake ended up costing them their student organization status.”

TFM has acquired the post that led to the fraternity’s charter being revoked.


Beta Delta ex-President Freddy Moncheroo could not be reached for comment.


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