Fraternity House At Cal State Chico Catches Fire Before Classes Even Start

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Nice Move

The Sigma Chi house at California State University, Chico caught fire and was damaged on Friday morning.

Just after 3 a.m., a fire started in a duplex behind the fraternity house before it spread to the attic. It was strong enough to trigger the ceiling sprinklers in the neighboring building.

Police don’t expect foul play to be involved. The fire started on somebody’s desk and then spread throughout the complex.

Here are some photos of the house–that’s some serious damage.

Sigma Chi isn’t affiliated with Chico State anymore. The fraternity lost that privilege last year when the school discovered members were making beer inside of the house.

Who knows what they were making Friday night, but school hasn’t even started yet and one fraternity house has already burned up.

Welcome to Chico State, incoming freshmen!


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