Fraternity Member Expelled From University After Hanging Offensive “For Sale” Banner On Car

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Southeastern Vermont University student and Omega Alpha Pi fraternity member John Milgram had his status as a full-time student terminated Tuesday night after a university hearing decided the banner he hung on his car was against the student code of conduct.

The car, which was parked outside of Milgram’s fraternity house, had a banner on the driver’s side rear window which read “FOR SALE BY OWNER” when it was spotted by a fellow student. The student then reported it to Kevin Michaels, SVU’s greek life advisor, who demanded that Milgram remove it from his vehicle.

“A banner like that has no place on this campus,” Michaels said. “It objectifies cars, and the fact that he added ‘BY OWNER’ to the end of it is hauntingly reminiscent of the dominion a master has over his slaves. It’s just all-around offensive.”

After Michaels reported the incident to the university’s president, an emergency hearing was scheduled, which eventually resulted in Milgram’s expulsion.

Milgram claims he was merely trying to sell his car.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Milgram said after hearing the university’s decision. “No, like, seriously. This is a joke, right?”

Milgram has decided to appeal the university’s decision, and members of Milgram’s fraternity recently held a sit-in on the school’s quad in solidarity for their brother. Campus police issued 45 open intoxicant tickets at the event.

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