Fraternity Member Tricks Rush Chair Into Recruiting Random 30-Year-Old Man, Hilarity Ensues

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Nice Move

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This is probably one of my favorite tips that has ever come in through our tip line. Any time a fraternity member pulls a prank on one of his brothers that lands said brother in some sort of hilarious, less-than-ideal situation for him, I gain a little more faith in humanity. After all, it’s not a dick move if it’s your friend. Unless he dies or something, of course, but that rarely happens. On occasion, sure, but odds are you’ll be fine.

From an anonymous tipster:

Our rush chair was pissed at our chapter meeting when one of our members sent him a fake number saying “he met a kid that was serious about rushing.” Our rush chair contacted him and has been getting trolled ever since. Later found out that the number was from a 30 year old man with a wife and two kids.

So here’s what the backstory appears to be: Gage, one of the fraternity’s rush chairs, got a tip from one of his fraternity brothers about a PNM named Jared, who doesn’t actually exist, and gave him a fake number to go along with it (I’m vain, so I’m going to assume the brother named his fake rushee after me. Thanks, Mr. Prankster!). The fake number ended up being that of some random 30-year-old dude who proceeded to majestically troll the shit out of Gage. Enjoy.

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It appears that the rush committee ended up determining that he was not serious.

I, however, choose to disregard the settled-upon reality in this case. I believe that the fake number Gage’s fraternity brother gave him actually wound up, by sheer coincidence, being that of a legitimate PNM. And, from how his unbelievably frat messaging portrays him, a blue chip, can’t-miss prospect at that. By not believing that somebody so fraternal could possibly exist, Gage and his team passed up on a surefire legend. For shame.

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