Front Porch Stabbing At SAE House Was Over A Girl, Broken Bottle Used

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A Sigma Alpha Epsilon from Southern Miss was stabbed on the front porch of his chapter’s house by another member of his fraternity. Brothers stabbing brothers. Probably over a girl, right? According to an anonymous tipster, that’s exactly the case. The article from WDAM claims the weapon used “was not a knife,” but it doesn’t name the weapon. Our tipster has the full scoop on that, too:

It was our Spring Parties this weekend at Southern Miss and the incident mentioned in the news article happened on the last night of Spring Parties (Saturday). SAE and ATO got Mike Jones (apparently still relevant) to play at a venue downtown.

Afterwards, back at the SAE house one of the members stabbed another SAE member with a shard of a beer bottle from what I’ve heard. It was all over a [name of sorority redacted] that the stabber had dated, broken up with, and then recently gotten back together with. The stabee had apparently hooked up with the stabber’s girlfriend while they had been broken up.

The article has details about him being kicked out of SAE and being on probation from the university.

Officials identified the assailant as Elijah Dollar, who was arrested and booked on aggravated assault charges. Dollar has been placed on interim suspension from the chapter pending an investigation.

The victim was released from Forrest General Hospital, and although no one has mentioned his current condition, we’re taking his release as good news.

Elijah Dollar

Elijah Dollar

Fish in the sea, guys. They are aplenty.

[via WDAM]

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