FSU Fan Pens Long Hate Letter To ESPN’s Michelle Beadle, She Responds By Calling Out FSU Twitter

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Nice Move

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Michelle Beadle has been known to rustle some jimmies amongst the Florida State supporters. She once called them filth, and she’s not wrong, really. I guess she must have said something about the recent string of woman-strikers that FSU football has. One FSU fan was so pissed at what she said that he penned a longwinded response to her and tweeted it at her.





Tl;dr. No literally, I didn’t read it after the first few sentences because it was too long. He did mention that she only got her job because of her dad’s connections, which, if true, is a move that we can all respect. It’s not the grades you make, after all.

She took to Twitter to respond to the guy, whose account has since been deleted/suspended.

She didn’t stop there, either. She took an extra opportunity to call out all of FSU Twitter for being the worst.

I think I’m going to side with Beadle here. FSU Twitter is possibly the most obnoxious fan base, with Alabama coming in a close second.

[via College Spun]

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