“FSU Frat Boy” In Sombrero Gets Jumped By Possible Trannies In McDonald’s Parking Lot

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Nice Move

“Did you just step on my Cole Haans?!”

These words have never, ever, not in the history of Cole Haan shoes, preceded a peaceful resolution. Insult a guy’s mother, talk about banging his sister, spit on his car — none are deal-breakers when navigating your way to a fisticuff-free conclusion. Step on a bro’s Cole Haans, though? You better get loose, because you’re about to throw down.

Watch the video:

Tranny? Hermaphrodite? Really ugly dude? Really ugly chick? No one really knows, but he/she doesn’t take kindly to this shit-talking yuppie with the sombrero.

The musical accompaniment is spot on as well, I must say.

[H/T to @JTeeDubya]



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