FSU Fraternity Member Murders Couple, Proceeds To Eat Victim’s Face (UPDATED With 911 Call)

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Update: Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.

Police have released the 911 call from the neighbor that Austin also stabbed.

The man was flown by helicopter to a hospital where he is expected to recover fully from his injuries.

Original Story
A quiet night in Tequesta, Florida turned gruesome on Monday evening when a married couple was murdered in cold blood via stabbing. When police arrived on the scene, they found the suspect on top of the male victim going to town on his face like it was his last meal.

From CBS 12:

When the first deputy arrived, the sheriff said she had found the suspect on top of a male victim who was laying in the drive-way of the home.

The sheriff said the suspect was biting the victim on the face, removing the victim’s flesh with his teeth.

The sheriff said it took multiple deputies including use of a stun gun, and a K-9, to get the suspect off the victim and to get him to stop biting the male victim. After use of great force from all of the deputies, they were able to get him off the victim and restrain him.


Originally, the suspect gave police a false identity, but a new CBS 12 report has identified the man as 19-year-old Austin Harrouff, a Florida State student and member of Alpha Delta Phi (according to his Facebook), who was in town visiting fraternity brothers.

Police say that something had set Austin off prior to the attack and that he was being tested for bath salts and something called Flakka since he was making animal sounds on the way to the hospital. Just another reminder to stay away from the bath salts, kids. You’ll end up eating people’s faces off and it’ll ruin your life.

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[via CBS 12]

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