FSU-PC Student In Custody After Directing Campus WiFi Traffic to Meatspin.com

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Nice Move

Benjamin Blouin, 26, a Florida State University-Panama City student and apparent hacker is facing felony charges after redirecting all university network traffic to the popular shock-porn site www.meatspin.com (for the love of God, DON’T go to that website).

For those who never experienced the seventh grade, meatspin.com is a particularly graphic neverending GIF image of a lewd penis-centric act. I’ve never stayed on the site long enough to pick out the finer details (shudder), but a healthy batch of asshole roommates have led me to the unfortunate URL more times that I’d like to admit.

Apparently, unlike an extremely prestigious group of universities known as every single fucking one, Florida State-PC’s campus WiFi network ran without any type of password verification. This allowed the 26-year-old Benjamin Blouin to access the routing system in what he described as an attempt to “illustrate the security flaws.”

While the now infamous hacker group Anonymous makes governments of the world shudder like a sweaty kid at a middle school dance, Blouin used his talents to instead buttfuck the system in the most literal way possible.

Here in Gainesville, we know that any university that includes the letters F-S-U in their name isn’t exactly considered the shiniest toy in the box, but running a campus wide network unsecured strikes me as the pinnacle of stupidity.

While FSU-PC did not provide any exact numbers on how many Wifi users were affected in the 30-minute attack, I think it’s safe to assume that a few students, while casually checking the infirmary website for free STD testing dates, were in for an unfortunate surprise.

Benjamin Blouin

Benjamin Blouin

[via News Herald]

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