FSU QB Jameis Winston Throws Football Over Pike House

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Nice Move

Jameis Winston, former Rivals 5-star prospect (#1 QB overall) and redshirt freshman quarterback at Florida State, carries a cannon around campus at all times. And according to this very casual, mid-day, “hold my backpack” moment on the way to class, he’s not afraid to let ‘er rip either.

Winston, also an elite baseball prospect who was drafted in the 15th round of the MLB draft as a pitcher, can throw a damn football over them houses — the house in this scenario being the sprawling, horseshoe-shaped mansion that’s home to Florida State’s Pi Kappa Alpha chapter.

It looks like that Mike Vick Gatorade commercial where he throws a pigskin out of a football stadium, except this one is real. Going by the above aerial view of the Pike house, and seeing where Winston throws from in the video (between the two brick pillars at the property’s parking lot entrance), this is really impressive. It’s impossible to tell if the ball clears the entire house from the video, but to even get it above the apex of the roof from where he was standing is the kinda thing I’d have lost a bet on.

Here is the video:

Coming to an ACC stadium near you.

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[via CBS Sports]

Images via Pikes.org, Insider Baseball


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