#FSUTwitter Goes Off On Their Own After Congratulatory Tweet

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Nice Move


Before Jake Coker was leading Alabama to a national championship, he was riding the pine in Tallahassee for the Florida State Seminoles. He eventually headed for greener pastures, and now has a title to show for it. After beating Clemson last night, Jake accomplished what he set out to do when he left FSU.

Florida State decided that they would congratulate one of their former players on leading his team to victory.

Seems like a nice gesture to do. A surprising act of class from a football program not particularly known for it. The fans have to eat this up, right? They should be beaming with pride that their school takes the high road when one of their former players hits it big on the grandest stage, right? Wrong. That’s not the FSU Twitter way.

They went full FSU Twitter with their responses.

Man, there is just no pleasing this group of FSU supporters.

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