If You Watch Game Of Thrones Religiously, This Is For You

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Nice Move

If you can’t get enough Game of Thrones and regularly find yourself wishing time travel existed so you could skip from Sunday-to-Sunday each week, then Oysters, Clams & Cockles is going to change your whole perspective on shit.


Every Monday, we release a new episode in which we break down the most recent Game of Thrones, discuss prevalent theories, make predictions about what will happen next with our favorite characters, and respond to listener emails. We, too, are Game of Thrones addicts that desperately need a fix between episodes, and the podcast slakes our lust. It will do the same for you.


The podcast is hosted by good people. Great people, some might say. Hilarious people. Their names are Veronica Ruckh, Barrett Dudley and yours truly, Ross Bolen. Also, we have an incredible fucking theme song.

If you’ve got an iPhone or Mac, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and you’ll automatically download new episode when it is released. If you like the show, we’d really appreciate you taking a second to leave a 5-star review.

Otherwise, we’re on Soundcloud where you can listen to new episodes every Monday as well.

We’re dropping a new episode today (Thursday) as well addressing listener emails and theories, so tune in for that later.



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