George Mason Professor Pepper Sprayed In Class by Crazed Idiot Attempting A Citizen’s Arrest

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Colleges have always been known as a place where psychotic shitheads run wild. These campuses are places where the crazies may freely spread their outlandish thoughts and behavior to anyone who will watch or listen. The status of these people on most campuses ranges from “that dickhead who yells at me about my sinful ways as I’m trying to get lunch” to “the tripping hippie who sits in the quad talking to himself all day.” While most colleges have their supply of nut jobs confined to the student population, every now and then a rogue loon comes barreling onto campus, ready to give the resident dweebs a run for their money.

George Mason University, however, seems to have something special in the water. A few weeks ago, we reported on a bomb threat at the school’s Prince William campus. On Wednesday, the Arlington, Va., campus saw a random man enter the classroom of a GMU law professor and attempt to perform a citizen’s arrest for reasons we’ll probably never know. As any sane man would do, the professor resisted and attempted to beat the crap out of the idiot, which led to the “concerned citizen” pepper spraying the professor before running out of the classroom.

An off-duty police officer was outside of the classroom when he heard the scuffle, so he tried to intervene. While the crazed man got away from the officer, he was soon picked up down the road by Arlington County police officers and was provided with a private escort to lockup.

Unfortunately for the students in the classroom at the time, they received a small dose of the leftover spray used on the professor. Thankfully, no one–including the professor–needed to go to the hospital.

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