This Georgia Fan Reacting To The End Of The Tennessee-Georgia Game Is All Of Us

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Nice Move


If there is one thing I’ve learned in sports, it’s that premature celebrating only burns you in the end. When Georgia scored with 10 seconds left to take the lead on Tennessee, I can imagine there were a lot of premature celebrations. Thanks to Twitter user @Harrison_TN, we were introduced to this guy…

Is he dead? I’m not saying he’s dead, but I’m not saying he’s not dead, either. Just dropped and you see a little movement, but post-death squirming is quite common. What a roller coaster of emotions, though. That right there is a true fan. If you’re not breaking your TV over a what you think is a win (or going through a window), you’re not rooting hard enough.

I like that he still had the tags on that Eason jersey. It’s like he wasn’t ready to commit to his new quarterback and would take it back if the kid shit the bed. I also don’t think the Lord wants you to take his name in vein by associating it with Jacob Eason… just yet that is.


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