Georgia Man Hands Police Officer Beer Instead Of Driver’s License During Traffic Stop

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Nice Move


“Sir may I have your license and registration, please.” Everyone hates to hear those words, but it happens, and when it does you hand over what the officer is asking for. That is, unless you’re Damon Tobias Exum of Georgia, and you may or may not be too drunk to understand the officer’s request, or the situation, or the general concept of “good choices.” Instead of handing the police officer his license, Damon handed him a beer. Man, the balls and/or BAC on that guy.

Handing a beer to a cop was not Damon’s only mistake. The reason Officer Rodriguez pulled Damon over is because Damon struck the officer’s car on the highway. Officer Rodriguez reports Damon is no stranger to a DUI, and was hammered when pulled over. Officer Rodriguez states: “[he]totally unaware that he had collided with the officer’s patrol car.” Fortunately no one, including Damon, was injured in the accident. Damon should probably take a break and chill, which he will no doubt be able to do in jail.

[via UPI]


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