Georgia Takes A Stand Against Snobby Environmentalists, Charges Fee For Buying A Hybrid

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Nice Move

Georgia Takes A Stand Against Snobby Environmentalists, Charges Fee For Buying A Hybrid

If there’s one type of driver I hate more than a douchebag in a shiny, chromed-out luxury pickup truck that has never touched a speck of dirt and takes up two parking spaces (seriously man, you live in a city — there’s no need to put six foot wheels on the F-150 your daddy bought you on your sweet 16), it’s the smug environmentalist show-off behind the wheel of a Prius.

Despite being very outspoken, these drivers — much like the hybrid cars they drive — are often unheard (aside from the two followers of their blog, To compensate, they slap as many pro-environment stickers on the hideously-shaped backs of their Priuses as possible. Stickers with powerful messages like, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect,” and “Join the Anti-Pollution Revolution.” Holy lord, nothing makes me wish they still made Hummers more than a snobby, condescending environmental bumper sticker. “Look at me, my car uses one-fourth less gasoline than yours does – I’m so much better than you!” Stick your dick in a tree inhabited with angry squirrels.

Georgia is annoyed by those pretentious ass cakes, too, and they’re finally taking a stand. The state is about to pass a law that will require hybrid vehicle buyers to pay an additional $200 fee. Granted, politicians claim that the law is to compensate for the lack of gas taxes hybrid owners pay, but there are more far-reaching and crucial implications — namely, putting an end to environmentalists rubbing our noses in their false sense of entitlement.

It’s a small step towards ridding our environment of harmful and toxic tree-huggers, but every little bit helps. You too can support the cause by flipping off a hybrid driver today. Or, do what the “Akron Pooper” does, and follow that son of a bitch to his or her house, and then, under cover of darkness, shit all over their hood. #DoYourPart.


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