Georgia Tech Fans Troll Georgia Students With Website Redirects

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Nice Move

Georgia Tech Fans Troll Georgia Fans

Rivalry week brings out the best in everyone. Yesterday, we brought you the UF fan who made some hilarious changes to Florida State’s Admissions page. Now, Georgia Tech and their nerds are doing their best to one-up that little prank by putting on their best pocket protectors and glasses and trolling the fuck out of Georgia.

The geniuses at GT pulled off two of the greatest website redirects in history with and redirects users to McDonalds’ careers website, while redirects to the homepage for the University of Georgia.

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Georgia Tech Fans Troll Georgia Fans

Georgia Tech Fans Troll Georgia Fans

For now, the links are still active. It may take a bit of time for someone at Georgia to figure out how to change it. Well played, Tech, well played indeed.

[via SportingATL]


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