Gigantic Penis-Shaped Cloud Appears Over England

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Nice Move

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 4.01.07 PM

I’m used to seeing penis clouds. You know how some people can blow smoke rings? My buddy the Handjob King can blow smoke dicks. They’re pretty impressive. HJK takes a huge tobacco bong hit, then blows out the biggest, veiniest creatures you’ve ever seen. Seriously, these dongs are vascular. Serious garden hose situation going on there. Then, just as you get a good look at them, they vanish. It’s kinda like when a girl sees my penis, except instead of my flopper vanishing, she’s the one who takes off.

My previous exposure to gaseous penis made this penis cloud over England not seem too cool to me, but if I look at it from a neutral standpoint, I can see why people are so impressed. This doodle is pretty detailed. It’s got the balls, the shaft, the head, the long pin sticking out of it from the time I tried to pierce my dick in high school and failed miserably. It’s like I’m looking down at my own John Stossel!

The penis even has its own Twitter account. It only has one tweet, but it’s one perfect tweet.

Handing her an umbrella and telling her to watch out for precipitation. It’s a TFM.

[via Western Daily Press]


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