Gio Gonzalez Pulled The “Meow” Gag During An In-Game Interview To Earn Some Free Cash

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Nice Move

Gio Gonzalez Played The Meow Game During An In-Game Interview To Earn Some Free Cash

Spring has sprung, and we are exiting the winter lull. Between spring break, March Madness, and the return of baseball, I’d say things are looking pretty up right now. Spring means having fun and having fun is what MLB players who are locks to make the 25-man roster are doing.

During an in-game interview today, Gio Gonzalez played the “meow game” with a reporter. There’s a kick, though. Newly acquired Max Scherzer is apparently dishing out $100 for every time he can work it into the interview. Let’s see how Gio does.

Foster and Mac would be proud of this effort. Absolutely flawless execution by Gio to work in a solid 11 meows to earn himself a cool $1,100 from Max. I don’t think it’ll break Max’s bank considering he just signed a $210M deal to play in Washington, but still. Gio knows all about taking full economic advantage.


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