Girl Exposes Cheating Boyfriend On Facebook, Then He Absolutely Destroys Her In Response

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Nice Move

Facebook is a fun place. The sole reason I have it now is to laugh at the “winners” from high school when I see what they are up to these days. Spoiler alert: it’s not much. Being the asshole that I am, I revel in seeing lesser human beings put their dirty laundry on the world wide web.

Today, I came across this new drama that has started making its rounds on the internet. It involves one guy who was caught cheating on his girlfriend and one girl who is being a total hypocrite. Grab some popcorn and enjoy. It escalates rather quickly.






Mic = dropped. Peter just took all the dignity Patricia had left and just put it on the ground, pissed on it, and then lit it on fire. Good for him. Girls will do anything they can to try and get the upper hand. Go grab you some more of that ass, Peter. You deserve it.

[via HelloU]


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