Girl Exposes Cheating Boyfriend On Facebook, Things Get Pretty Nasty In Comments

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Nice Move


I came across some Facebook drama today that has started making its rounds on the internet. It involves one guy who was caught cheating on his girlfriend, two white knights, and a whole bunch of other girls. Grab some popcorn and enjoy. It escalates rather quickly.


This thing is off to a great start. Jake didn’t even make it to Amy’s house to do some sex. C’mon, Jake. That’s what they teach you in Cheating 101, right?

Of course, when you let a controversial Facebook post like this go live, you get a hot comment section.



Alright, guys. We get it. You’re trying to be the rebound by rushing to her side. But let’s face it, you two have been friend-zoned so hard. Fucking Brandon is that kid who complains that nice guys finish last. What a crybaby.

Things would take quite the turn when a group of other girls chimed in about how Jake was messaging them, too.









Gotta hand it to Jake a little bit here. He’s persistent and plays the numbers game by hitting on anything that talks, walks, and is a female. It also sounds like he errs on the side of creepy. His game is weak and he hits on random girls he doesn’t know. Does Jake have a gent Twitter account? I bet Jake has a gent Twitter account.

Is school back yet? I’m ready to start covering fraternity news again.

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