Girl Facetimes Her Ex While Blowing A Guy, Ex Posts Screenshot On Facebook

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Nice Move

So this Reddit picture is making the rounds online, because of course it is. Deep down, we’re all assholes that yearn to revel in the drama of those we deem lesser human beings. It’s the reason reality television is as popular as it is, and why we keep all of those “winners” from high school as Facebook friends. We put up with their daily slaughter of the English language and ill-informed political posts for the potential that something like this will happen.


Unfortunately, OP blocked out the comments that would have no doubt been a welcomed addition to the photo. Regardless, the Facetime itself holds up just fine on its own. You can feel the pure unadulterated hatred this beady-eyed chick has for the schmuck in the top right corner.

Just from looking at this buffoon’s profile picture, I’m going to safely assume it’s his baby momma. He must get the kid on the weekends, giving mom ample time to enjoy an occasional kielbasa or two. I would love to know some more backstory on these two star-crossed lovers. You don’t just go from zero to virtual cuckold all haphazardly like that. Homeboy had to have done something to set off a chain of events that led to her giving him a live feed while she slobbed another knob.

Really glad these two reproduced.

[via Reddit]


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