Girl Resigns From Sorority After Freeing Nipple On Instagram

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This Girl Resigned From Her Sorority Because She Freed The Nipple On Instagram

#FreeTheNipple might be the only feminist initiative I agree with — with some stipulations, of course. If the nipple makes me wanna gag, then the shirt goes back on. In an effort to get around Instagram’s strict no-nipple policy, girls began posting photos photoshopped with dude’s nips over theirs. It’s a weird loophole and really is disgusting.

Another way girls are freeing the nipple is by wearing these bikini tops from TaTa Top, which is essentially just painted nipples on a bikini top. Not as weird as photoshopped dude nips, but still a little weird.

One former Phi Mu, Lauren Forsythe, recently purchased one of these bikini tops, took a photo with it on, and posted that photo on Instagram. Turns out the picture really wasn’t seen as a good thing by her sorority, and a member of leadership emailed her asking that she take it down or else she would have a standards meeting when school started.

So the sorority gave Lauren three options:

1. Take the photo down and nothing would happen.
2. Resign from the sorority.
3. Go through the dropping process.

Lauren decided that she was so pot committed when it came to freeing the nipple that she decided just to resign. I’m not saying that is making the right decision here, but being that devoted to the #freethenipple campaign deserves some sort of recognition. We, as men, want to see the good nips just as much as these girls want to free them. #freethegoodnipples

Just waiting for a free the nip-themed party.

[via Total Sorority Move]


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